Pre-Op Instructions

Thank you for choosing Centrum Surgical Center. To ensure your visit goes as smoothly as possible, please read these instructions completely.

On your day of surgery, please bring your insurance card and one form of photo identification. If payment is required, please have that form of payment with you at the time of check-in.

CMS Federal Guidelines require Centrum Surgical Center to have verbal communication with you to inform you of your Patient Rights and Responsibilities. There is a copy of this document in your Patient Information packet. If you did not receive a packet, please call us to request one. Or, you can find it on our website under Patient Information. It’s important you review the contents of the entire packet and speak with us prior to your date of surgery.

The following are general pre-operative instructions for all of our patients. Please complete your medical health history online as soon as possible prior to your date of surgery. Click on the Clinical History link on the right hand side of the page. Be sure to click “submit” once you have completed the form. You will not need to print a copy. Only if you encounter problems completing it online, you may print a copy, complete it, and bring it with you on your date of surgery.

If you are receiving any sedation or anesthesia, you will need to arrange for someone to take you home after your surgery. You will not be permitted to take a cab, bus, or drive yourself. Someone will need to be with you at home for the first 24 hours.

If you are not being sedated then you may drive yourself home.

Please leave your valuables at home. Remove all jewelry, body piercings, and make-up. Bring all forms from your physician’s office if instructed to do so.
If you wear glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids, please bring a case to store them in during surgery.

After your surgery you will need comfortable clothing that is easy to put on over bulky dressings, splints or slings. If you are having shoulder surgery, an oversized button-up shirt is recommended. If you are having knee or foot surgery you may wear shorts under your gown as long as there is no metal (such as snaps, zippers or buttons) on them.

The day of surgery is very busy pre-operatively. Per anesthesia guidelines, you will be instructed to arrive earlier than your scheduled surgery time. You will also be given specific times that you should stop eating and drinking. If these guidelines are not strictly followed, you will risk having your surgery cancelled.

Please do not bring your medications from home unless you are spending the night. Then, please bring them in their original pharmacy labeled bottles. Please remember to drink plenty of fluids before your eating and drinking cut off time.

Should you have any questions please call our main number at 303-290-0600 and ask to speak with a pre-op nurse. We look forward to seeing you!