Surgery for a child can be extremely frightening for both the patient and their family, especially when the patient is a child. To help you and your child feel more comfortable at Centrum Surgical Center, you are invited to tour our facilities so you can all get acquainted with our staff and with the Center. To arrange a tour, please call for an appointment at (303) 290-0600.

We also recognize that a parent's presence can provide a great source of comfort for the pediatric patient. For this reason, we encourage you to stay with your child in the pre-operative area before surgery and in the second stage recovery lounge following surgery. We do welcome both parents of the pediatric patient to remain at the center throughout surgery.

If your child is having surgery, feel free to bring his favorite stuffed animal or security blanket for added reassurance.

Pediatric Anesthesia

A qualified and experienced Anesthetist is the best monitor for your child's anesthesia. Our group of Anesthesiologists has extensive experience in Outpatient Care, and has extra training and experience in the care of infants and small children who require anesthesia or sedation.

Our primary goal is the safety of your child while providing the least threatening atmosphere possible. When describing procedures we will be honest as your child's understanding will allow, avoiding details that may frighten your child. Also, your level of comfort often sets the tone for your child, if you have any questions or concerns, please ask and we will gladly discuss them with you.